How to make your wedding memorable?

A wedding by itself is memorable. Making it unique and a day that no one would forget is tough and a task that not many can accomplish. But with so many things to do and very little time, making a wedding memorable sure can stir up some errors here and there. Top wedding planners in India are the best when it comes to making your wedding day the best day of your life. So, let’s take a closer look at how one can learn from them and make their wedding day special. Let’s get started.

Gifts and invitations

gift and invitations | Event basti

Gifts and invitations are of utmost importance as it’s the first step to any wedding. Figure out who you want at the wedding and whom you don’t. Having unnecessary people can steal the aura form the wedding. But being surrounded by your loved and important ones can make it a grand success all by its own.

Venue and location

venue and location

Few of the top wedding planners in India have to say that choosing a perfect venue for your wedding can make the occasion special. Beachside, luxury resorts, 5-star hotels are merely a few options. So, choose what suits your liking and make your wedding a grand success.



Food is if not the one thing why people attend any weddings. Trying something new and having a variety of choices in food with impeccable taste will set the tone for a memorable wedding. So do put in enough research on this, such that it doesn’t take away the beauty of your wedding.

Wedding dress

Choosing a wedding dress is not as easy as it looks. You might have to go through a selection of dresses before you can finally pick one. Top wedding planners in India can help you choose the one that you like, which might be unique as their contacts are far and wide and getting designer dresses can be a breeze of a task.


The best way of making a wedding memorable and capturing that special moment is by hiring a photographer. Not any ordinary one but someone who can understand your vision of photography. The photos speak a thousand words and need to be impeccable even after years to come.

The theme of the wedding

The theme is vital as it can set the tone for the entire wedding. Well, it has to be the joint decision of the bride and groom.  It could be a summer fashion trend, color schemes, etc. themes give the wedding some form of balance and rhythm that it makes it a memorable one by itself.

Thus, few of the top wedding planners in India tend to follow the above-given pointers to make your wedding a memorable one. So, try following them, and it would be a day that you would never forget.


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